Saturday, July 18, 2015


Don't know who to ask or if you're the right jamboree, but I've got big ass trubbs...

Last week, I told my girl that she better get fresh or get get out cuz she wasn't gettin' jiggy with it. She did a double take and took off out of my apartment and I ain't seen her since. I was juss playin' but she took it all serious. I called her mo-bile and it was busy as haaaiilll. Did I botch this one, or is she prolly gonna hit me up pretty soon when her C-Phone is workin' again? I didn't pay my beel.

-Charles "The Dub" Williams

The Dub,

Easy now. Pay your bill and then her Mo-Bile will ring, at least. She may not answer because she hates you, but it's the first step. After that, leave several hundred, and I mean several hundred voicemails explaining the miscommunication.  You'll never hear from her again, and you two will never be jiggy again, but believe me, her voicemail is going to be screwed up for a while. Hope that gets you going in the right direction!