Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When in Rome...

dear dr. gork,
the other day on the cart to work, i met an attractive woman and squeezed a date out of her. we went to dinner and a campfire and then back to her place for a little extra 'cat on dog' action. everything was going well until i left the barn stall to relieve myself and upon coming back, happened to get a glimpse of her laying chest down on the haypile facing the foot of the haypile. in this foreshortened pose, she looked almost exactly like emperor constantine's mom. i had to excuse myself for obvious reasons, and she has since sent for me a couple times, but i don't know what to say. i mean, come on, i can't even find rome on a map, much less date one of its rulers' mothers. is she constantine's mother? what should i tell her? what are you hearing?

germanic wanderer #305

G-dub 305,

This is a tough one. Without a picture, I can't say for sure who this lady is, but let's try some deductive reasoning. We know from our history parties that Constantine ruled Rome in the early 300's AD. Our math readings tell us this was about 1,700 years ago. The longest living person on record died at 122 yrs old. Now, put all that together and I think we can say with 75% certainty that you made love to a farm animal. If you don't buy that, consider this; you say this woman was attractive. Roman peasants often referred to Connie's mom as "Regina de Animus Aegus Culus" or roughly translated, "queen with a face like a pig anus." I just blew your mind right? Sorry bud.


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