Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Dumb

Hey Gork! Is the Elder, Gardener, the lamest supervillian of all time? Or should this distinction go to the space shark that Adam Warlock battled in the '70's? I can never decide!

-Burt Blagojevich

Kokomo, IL


This one is tough. The pantheon of comic supervillains is rife with bungling buffoons vying for the distinction. Let's step outside your bounds of the Gardener and space shark (although they're worthy of the discussion) and consider some other choices. In 1964, Grundle Comics introduced a dastardly vicious supervillain called Thanksgiving Beast. He was known only for sneaking into homes and cooking huge turkey meals for no one to eat. He would then slip out the back door, leaving a massive mess for the homeowners to clean up...Grundle killed TB off in '65 after selling zero copies nationwide. Not to be outdone, Bim Shimkee released a series of graphic novels called "Elk Banshee: The Reckoning". It was the story of an undead elk beast, half elk, half well-to-do midget; doomed to roam the earth. The story lines were poor at best, usually culminating in Elk Banshee's predictable near-demise. I guess the bottomline is that I spent way too much time on this response. You can decide for yourself who the lamest one is.


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