Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fool Me Once...


Third time's a charm, right?

-L. Voss, Bamtucket, WI


Ok, you're clearly having problems completing simple tasks like writing emails...either that, or you're messing with me. I think your number one problem is that you choose to wake up every morning and breathe. You are a goober. If you have a relevant question, please include that in your email. If not, knock this shit off. I usually don't curse, and even when I do, I usually regret it and wish I could take it back. This time, I've typed it and could go back at any moment and delete it. I've chosen not to (just in case you have any misconceptions about the tone of this answer).


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Motu said...

I really like what you've done with the place.

It's seriously good stuff. It's filled with all the clever and creative things that you're quite certain no one else will understand, but you don't want to just let them die without being transcribed somewhere. I'm always tentative when people say "You gotta check out my blog!" because more often than not, that means it sucks. I liked this. Congrats on bucking the trend.

As promised, I am delivering the link to my own. Be warned though: It really isn't good. It reads like something Dennis Leary would write if he were a whiny bitch instead of a hilariously acerbic and irreverent comedian. I honestly don't have any fun when I go back and read some of these entries.

Most of the entries since 2005 are whiny. Most of the entries from 2002-2005 are ignorant, pretentious and obnoxious. And also kind of whiny. However, there are a few parts here and there that are insightful and funny.

Rest assured, I am nowhere near as pathetic and tormented as this thing makes me sound. My live journal is just where my brain goes to vomit. And now the link!


You might notice that I took your line about pancakes and put it in there.