Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Matt Scratch Fever

Dear Gork,

As a man, I find it repulsive when other men have long fingernails and/or toenails. Yesterday, I asked a coworker if he could clip his fingernails out of respect for me. He became enraged and scratched me up pretty good. How do I make him understand that his long nails are disrespectful without sending him into another slap'n'scratch hissy fit?

-Matt G., Franzen, OR

Dear Matt,

It can be frustrating to work many days and many hours around people that don't have the same belief system as yourself. You should put yourself in his place. Maybe his belief system supports and encourages fingernail growth. And you should respect that. On the other hand, your coworker should realize that some people don't share the same belief system as himself. Perhaps your belief system is one in which fingernail growth is out of the question.

With this logic, neither one of you should be forced to cave to the other person's standards because you both have the right to make the choice to like or dislike fingernails. And you both have the right to hate each other for their beliefs. BUT, you don't have the right to not tolerate each other's decisions. Keep this in mind.


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