Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chip On His Shoulder

Hey Gork,

What time is the Norm McDonald show this Thursday? I'm not talking about the sitcom. I do like sitcoms though. Did you ever see that episode of friends when Ross was trying to move his couch? He kept saying "pivot". Do you think it should be traveling when you move your pivot foot? My foot smells. I think I stepped in some dog pooh. My dog's name is Cozmo. I named him after a sitcom character. He was on Seinfeld, not the Norm McDonald show. What time is this show? Not the sitcom, the show at Penguins. Tomorrow. Thanks.

-Chip Longwell- Beantown USA


I'm working on my third imaginary PhD and you want to ask me what time the Norm MacD show starts? I have to say, I'm pretty flummoxed. My first thought was to hit the buhlete button and forget I ever heard of Chip Longwell, but after taking a deeper look, I can see that you're a deeply troubled guy in need of some sassy professional help...you've come to the right place. First off, stop watching Friends reruns, it's no good for you. I suggest you stick to reruns of Dharma and Greg or Caroline in the City. The writing is better and the life lessons are far more relevant to the everyday American. Secondly, yes, the pivot foot is the most powerful tool in any warbird's toolbox. Master it, you'll dominate any tiny school in western Illinios (including the F.U.C.K.'s). Finally, start putting a little vitamin C in Cozmo's food. You'll still step in his "leavings" and it will still stink like hell, but he'll be as healthy as a horse. I hope this helps you.


P.S - The Norm MacDonald show starts at 8 at the QC Penguin's Comedy Club.

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