Monday, October 13, 2008

Help! I'm drowning over here.

Dear Gork,

I've spent all winter lifting weights and doing abdominal sit ups. Great, right? Wrong. For some reason I chose to only work the right side of my body, and swimsuit season is almost here! Should I wear a t-shirt in the pool?


W. Barnson, Newport, RI


No. Lay on your left side on as much as possible. Also to appear unassuming, do this: buy two swimsuits. One swimsuit will be black with vertical lightning-bolt lines. The other will be white with beige horizontal lines. Cut both of the suits down the middle, and then hem them together with the black/vertical suit on your left side. Hem the butt very poorly, as to draw attention away from your problem. I hope you got the answer you're looking for!


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