Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sleepless in Binghamton

Dear Gork,

I was recently sentenced to 6 years in prison for armed robbery, and my anniversary is next week. Last year, my wife and I agreed that we wouldn't get each other gifts, but this year, we never said anything about it. Should I get her a gift, or is last year's agreement still valid?

-Malcom, Binghamton, NY


Great question. My advice is to get a gift just in case, but don't give it to her until she gives you her present. If she doesn't give you a gift, you'll know that last year's precedent still stands. If she gives you something, you can whip out your gift and she'll be none the wiser. Don't forget to return the gift you buy if you don't use it...Lord knows you need the cash with all those legal bills.


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